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ChannelMoney - A One Stop for Many!

We are a one stop for all the channel's money needs. If it is to do with "money", it's our bag. Believe it or not, much of the work of ChannelMoney is provided on a free of charge basis; to educate, re-tool and re-appraise.

With all our professionals, there is one common denominator; the desire to help channel businesses.

Please browse our website and contact us in complete confidence and on a no obligation basis.

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Did You Know?

  • In nearly 100% of insolvency cases, creditors get nothing.
  • UK has the worst record in Europe in insolvencies returning money to creditors.
  • Most of the proceeds of the sale of assets in insolvencies end up in the Insolvency Practitioners pocket in so called fees.

So, be careful on who you choose as your Insolvency Practitioner. You only have one chance - choose well.

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